Lessons from the Mat

I’ve been practicing yoga since the ripe age of 12. Since then, I’ve been hooked. I’ve had the great opportunity to practice with some of the world’s best teachers such as Jonny Kest (my personal fav), Baron Baptise, Justin Barnes, Rusty Wells, Stephanie Synder, Eoin Finn, Chris Chavez to name a few. Everywhere I travel, … Continue reading

The Catch 22 Of Criticism

If you’re creating real (positive) change, you must be prepared for criticism. You must be o.k. with it because you’re almost certain to get it. Look at the companies disrupting industries and markets, look at people who are making change in world. Facebook, Uber, Henry Ford, Napster, Apple, Thomas Edison, insert other innovators (people or … Continue reading

The Depreciation of Great

In life, we get too comfortable with great. Great depreciates and overtime when great becomes good, you need to trade it in for fantastic again. People ask me daily why I left lululemon. I had a great job. I was grateful for it. I was creating the future for a very cool, growing brand. I … Continue reading

Next Chapter

I wrote the story about how I came to lululemon a few days ago. I wanted to share how much I have loved my time at lululemon, and I’m beyond thankful for being apart of this company and the opportunities we, together as a team , have taken on. With that said, like any great … Continue reading

The story of a startup, digital @lululemon

I’ve had the incredible opportunity to be a key player in growing the lululemon brand digitally (in the startup world, you may call it a “growth hacker”)—from leading social media, to all channels off of lululemon, to online customer service, mobile, emerging product development, new concept strategy, (digital) business development, and different areas in between.  … Continue reading

Life Lessons via a Jet Plane

There’s nothing like going to the airport, and hopping on a plane, sans a pre-booked ticket or without having a true agenda.  This is what I’d like to call, “spontaneity at it’s finest.” It’s an experience that not only invigorates, but you’ll be hard pressed not to learn some life lessons or things about yourself … Continue reading

The difference between vendors and partners

At work, I lead most of our partnerships, and many of our new vendor opportunities/relationships.  Why I am saying this is because when you’re talking to many different companies a week (or even a day) you start to see trends in what works and what doesn’t work— both in products, how consumers will respond to … Continue reading

Business Development: a lot like dating

Business development people this one’s for you— what you do is a lot like dating. Meet your potential match First of all, let’s start with meeting your potential date.  Getting a girl’s number who you don’t know and randomly calling her, let’s admit, it’s a bit weird.  Cold callers, I’m talking to you here.  You’ll … Continue reading

Let go of the rope or hold on

I went wakeboarding a few weeks ago. Wakeboarding is one of my favorite things to do (there were summers, I’d go every single day),  yet I hadn’t gone in a while (partially because of the whole “you need to have a boat” thing,  and partially because I didn’t think “I was good anymore”).  I dropped … Continue reading

Make a bold request

People love to be given a silver platter or to be swept off their feet.  Yes, everyone loves having things given to them or receiving without asking, but in reality, we can all say this doesn’t necessarily happen as much as we would like it to.  Passive aggressive is the antithesis of going for what … Continue reading